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Recruitment Consultants are all the same ... Or are they??


They say they will call back but they never do; They are sales orientated recruiters who lack expertise in my industry.


Sounds familiar? Well, these are the most frequent complaints candidates declared about their recruitment consultants. It;`s frustrating because these recruiters give the industry a bad reputation. At Markkazi, we care about the people we work with and serve, we realise to be successful our recruiters must build meaningful, professional relationships with our candidates that are based on transparency and trust. We work closely with our candidates taking the time to understand their requirements and ambitions then we support them through their job search journey by seeking suitable job opportunities that meet their expectations. A good recruitment consultant should be searching for jobs that satisfy most, if not all of their candidate & requirements, for example The appropriate salary and benefits, which a recruiter needs to verify with recent market trends and salary surveys in order to avoid making a low-ball offer and disappointing the candidate. Career progression opportunities, so candidates can unleash their potential and fulfill their ambitions. Work-life balance and a convenient location, as these elements are relatively connected, a far work location will deprive the individual of having a balanced social life, which will ultimately affect their work. The right organisational culture who doesn`t want a friendly and professional workplace environment, somewhere where you can feel a sense of ownership and cohesiveness. Pitfalls to avoid: The Web seems to be full of recruiting scams targeted at jobseekers. Recruitment agencies often use social media to lure unwitting jobseekers. Some recruiters tend to post fake job adverts just so they can add a few more CVs to their database. Some recruitment agencies have a convoluted registration process layered with lengthy application forms and a plethora of required documentation, at the end of which, you never even get to hear from them again. At Markkazi, we promise never to advertise vacancies that don't exist. In cases where our client has assigned us to find suitable candidates for a job vacancy they have, we will advertise the job opening on our website and other forms of media under our own branding. In cases where we are not contracted by an employer, but we believe the job opportunity could benefit a large number of our jobseekers, we will share the vacancy using the employers direct contact information so anyone who is interested can apply directly for the job. It's not all about the pounds and pence here at Markkazi, we strive to create sustainable value for our people and communities. Here are a few other ways where Markkazi strives to demonstrate we are a people first recruitment consultancy. Our Recruitment Consultants have hands-on experience working in the industries they serve or, they undergo training delivered by seasoned professionals from within the industry they serve. This guiding principle allows our recruitment consultant to understand the candidates industry, experience, and aspirations enough to place them accurately and present them with roles that will meet their needs. We will do our utmost to provide honest and constructive feedback about interview outcomes. We will inform our candidates at the earliest opportunity in case of acceptance and more importantly in cases where they`ve been unsuccessful. Our candidates should always be assured that we are here to support them. Our job will not end with a successful placement, we will continue to keep in touch with our candidates even after starting their new job, and throughout the duration of their contract. We will continue to obtain our candidates feedback, especially during their starting period, we will offer support and guidance and help with any issues they may face within their new organisation. Because we care about the people we work with. Markkazioffers some great and free workshops, training days and online courses and even networking opportunities for candidates. We haven`t forgotten our Clients, we also have some great value propositions for you too, from discounts on our fees to networking opportunities to free and subsidised training for your staff. Why not drop us a line and or speak to one of our friendly staff on 0207 169 1000 where we would be happy to help.

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