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Have you ever fallen in the web of job scammers?

Fake job posts are now a booming industry, designed in many different types to get your personal information and your money eventually.

Here are some warning signs in a job post you should watch out for when you are searching for a job

1.Personal email addresses, e.g., with no contact information about the company.

2.Salaries sound too good to be true then probably it is unrealistic.

3. Stating No Experience Necessary as a job title.

4.A job offer without an interview.

5.Extortionate DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) costs (anything over a pound;75 should be queried) or requesting a candidate to pay for a CRB check (Criminal Records Bureau), which has been replaced by DBS.

6.Illegitimate company names and web addresses.

7. Asked to provide confidential information as bank account information and social security number.

8.Unprofessional Emails with spelling, capitalisation, Punctuation and grammatical errors.

9. Pay for company information, advice on getting hired or application fees.

10. Received an offer letter without even applied on the job.

Scammers are always smart in designing new ways to trick the jobseekers. You should always ask questions and don`t ever pay any money or give out your personal information.

Most importantly research the company and have an outsider view about the process and when it doesn`t feel right and turns out to be a scam, report it to the authorities to help others not to fall as prey.

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